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Deciem At Home


DECIEM is launching , a live virtual consultation functionality that will connect their store staff with customers online whilst both parties can continue to remain in the safety of their own homes. Shoppers will be able to chat to a DECIEM team member live via instant messages, video chat, photos and video calls to ask questions about products or ask for advice or guidance on building a new routine.

As we're spending more time at home and consumers have more time to explore skincare and self-care routines, the DECIEM team will be on hand to answer any skin or ingredient led queries. If someone has begun to break out or perhaps is suffering from dry dryness, the photo or video option allows for the shopper to show our team their skin concern so we can ensure we're recommending the right products for them to try. QR codes can be provided to those who do not wish to purchase at that moment but would like access to the advice provided at a later date. This functionality will also be available in-store (once DECIEM stores are reopened)

The technology directs users to their nearest store ambassador, meaning that product availability and pricing is consistent with the customer's location. It also means that those who shop in-store regularly may see some familiar faces online.

The DECIEM AT HOME functionality will be found on product pages across the entire DECIEM website. The chat can be activated from any device being used to browse the website and can also be accessed through DECIEM store Google location listings.


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