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Top Tips for Working From Home

Top Tips for Working From Home

Top Tips for Working From Home

To say it has been an adjustment might be a bit of an understatement but the brands of Covent Garden have come together to help you feel your best whilst working from home.


Atelier Cologne – Fragrance your Space

Atelier Cologne is known for creating vivid stories from all their scents and they want to help you make the most out of your scent whilst at home.

The first tip from the team is moisturise with the coordinating smell prior to applying your scent as it can help the fragrance last longer on your skin.  

They also recommend every morning, light your favourite Atelier Cologne candle, the one that makes you the happiest, and let the smell of the beautiful natural oils fulfil your home.

Atelier Cologne


Molton Brown

Molton Brown - Stay Hydrated

We all know how important handwashing is but with everyone stepping up their washing game it is causing a lot of dry hands. Did you know moisturising is known to improve skin health and reduces the risk of irritating the skin?

The team at Molton Brown recommend taking the time once a day to give your hands some TLC. Using something like their recharging black pepper hand lotion, which the scent aims to invigorate whilst delivering a surge of moisture to the skin, take the time to work in the cream from the forearm down paying special attention to the backs of hands.

A great way to relax and treat the hands is beginning with the pinky finger, pinch the top of the finger for a moment then moving on to using short strokes with your thumb massage the finger towards the knuckle. Finally, gently squeeze the finger all over. Repeat the process with each finger, and finish with the thumb.


For Art’s Sake – Fight the Glare

With our screen time being higher than ever we need to protect our peepers and For Art’s Sake has the best tip for that.

This oh-so-cool brand doesn’t just do sun glasses, they also have an amazing range of For those who have their prescription at the ready, get your new lenses fitted with a blue light filter which will protect your eyes from all the screen.

Even if you don’t need a prescription lenses you can still get the blue filter and wear them as something stylish but sensible.

For Art’s Sake


Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London – Get Some Good Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is at the top of everyone’s to do list but sometimes it isn’t that easy. Thankfully, Jo Malone London has released a new limited-edition collection, offering a fresh perspective on an iconic ingredient: English lavender.

Included in the new collection are two limited-edition home products, both infused with the scent of Lavender & Musk. Making the journey to dreams that little bit easier, Jo Malone London’s limited-edition Pillow Mist is infused with aromatic English lavender which mingles with a cocooning note of musk to create a soft and sensual scent that helps you relax and unwind ready for a good night’s sleep.


VyTA – Cheers to you!

You might not be able to spend your Friday night drinks sitting on top of the Market Building people watching across the Piazza below but don’t let that stop you in indulging in one of VyTA’s signature drinks.

The wonderful team has shared their recipe for their signature La VyTA en Rose cocktail:

10ml of Lime Juice

20ml of Lemon Juice

20ml of Yuzu Liquore

20ml of Vodka

10ml of Gomme Syrup

10ml of Cointreau

30ml of Blood Orange Juice

All the ingredients need to be shaken, then poured in to coupette glass with a blood orange garnish – cheers!




Jigsaw – Fashionably Comfy

If there was ever a time to invest in cashmere, now would be the time. Jigsaw’s  is the perfect piece to wear around the house to feel stylishly comfortable. Jigsaw’s best tip for loungewear? Coordinate it.

Partner your lambswool blend with a brush of cashmere with coordinating coloured for that perfect pairing.

When changing from daytime loungewear to nightwear it is important each piece feels special, it is all about those little pleasures so invest in a two piece like this


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